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or how to sell your home
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Homestaging tries to give your home a more attractive aspect. Through a series of techniques, seek to clear, organize and harmonize the space highlighting the strengths and fixing minimize defects. It is important not to confuse Home Staging with interior design. We seek to turn the house into a cozy, neutral and depersonalized site so that, in each visit, there is the possibility.

The key: depersonalize

We get possible buyers to imagine living in it from the first moment. If we show a house with a very marked decoration and atmosphere and this does not match the visitor's tastes, the purchase offer can resist. We seek that the client who is interested in buying your home takes a better possible impression. A better vision and concept of what possibilities the property offers. At the same time, the seller client manages to get the most out of the benefits of his house and therefore is more likely to sell the property at the best price and quickly.

What is a Home Stager?

He is a professional specialized in applying decoration elements to your home to get it faster. Its objective: to ensure that any house for sale transmits sensation and heat of home to the visitor. In this way we connect with the more emotional part of the client you want to buy getting that they feel they are paying the right price for the house We fully trust this tactic since our data reveal that the homes in which it is applied is sold to 4 times faster (if a conventional home takes 130 days to sell, a house with homestating will take 35 days)

A couple of tips to improve your home
  • The colors of the wall better in white tones that give light to the rooms.
  • Furniture as more minimalists and clear will give more space sensation. Think about how old houses were and as they are now, the change is great, right?
  • If you contrast the decoration with the base tones of the room, you will create
Why request our Home Staging service for the sale of your home?
  • An owner is not usually very objective with his property, therefore the external vision of a professional can help revalue the property.
  • On the other hand, doing a good Home Staging job can be a long and complicated process.
  • Hiring a professional home Ster and with great experience can cause your property to be taken out.
  • In Palmer Alma Mediterranea we have extensive experience in Home Staging in Mallorca.