An architectural gem in El Molinar

Palmer Inmobiliaria 21/02/2019

The history of this incredible property on the beach walk of El Molinar will make you fall even more in love with this singular and unique neighbourhood of Palma de Mallorca, if that’s even possible.


We can’t help but feel nostalgic. And rightfully so.

Most of the time, our work is intense and exciting. As trusted real estate agents, we are lucky enough to have many neighbours open their houses to us and discover houses with fascinating pasts.

This is the case of this amazing property, located right in front of the sea, at the beach of Portixol. Many of you have probably passed it before, without realizing how special and unique it is.

Its façade might seem interesting to you at first sight, but what you don’t know is that formerly, a church was found behind these walls.

The day we visited it, in the blazing sun, we came to the door of this property with no clue about what was expecting us.

The owner opened the door and, with his friendly and helpful nature, immediately made us feel at home.

We walked through the house slowly; listening to each of the anecdotes of moments lived in its corners. It’s impressive to think about the great architectural work carried out here. The walls seem to burst with stories full of memories and experiences of the past.

Below, we leave you with the full interview with the owner, so you can experience the magic of a church that was turned into a home.



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