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After much thought, you have finally decided to sell your apartment as a private individual. You do not want agencies, or intermediaries of any kind. And so you make it clear from the beginning.

At the end of the day it should not be so complicated. Putting an ad and answering calls is not worth what real estate companies ask for.

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We want to help you make the sale of your house a success, so we will tell you the mistakes you should avoid making before starting the adventure of selling your apartment.

Mistake 1:

Give a value to the apartment you want to sell based on the money you need

Without a doubt this is one of the most common mistakes. We value the apartment we want to sell according to the money we need to buy a new home. Knowing the price at which properties with a location and characteristics similar to yours have been sold can help you set the correct price for your home. But what if the information comes from an unreliable source like your neighbor's? Only rely on data that you can verify if you want to get off to a good start with the sale of your apartment.

Mistake 2:

Start the sale of your home at a price that is too high

It may seem like a good strategy. First, put your apartment up for sale at a high price and wait for the offers to arrive. The truth is that it is not highly recommended. First of all, when potential buyers do their searches on the internet, they don't look floor to floor. They use filters such as price or zone to facilitate the search or activate alerts according to your preferences. If your home is priced too high, they won't even see it. Second, by following this strategy, you run the risk that no one will make you an offer.

Mistake 3:

Advertise your apartment for sale on all free internet portals

Not all portals are the same. There are real estate portals with very good visibility but that are mainly oriented to real estate agencies. If you publish in them, it is likely that your apartment ends up in the last positions and that you only receive calls from real estate agencies.

Mistake 4:

Take poor quality photos

One of the most important aspects when advertising your apartment on real estate portals is photography since with it you can highlight the best qualities of your home

Mistake 5:

Describe your home for sale as if it were a telegram

When you publish your ads on the different real estate portals, you can write a description to attract even more the attention of potential buyers. Avoid repeating the same thing that you have put previously and highlight aspects that only you know about your home. For example, “3 bedroom, 2 bathroom apartment with heating and air conditioning” is not the same as explaining how quiet the rooms are or that by having sun all day in winter, you save a lot on heating. Be original, creative and explain why your apartment is a real gem.

Mistake 6:

Leave calls or emails unanswered

When you start with the sale of your home, surely you do it with all the energy in the world and respond to all the people who write or call you. But it is likely that, if a time passes and you have not managed to sell your property, the forces will begin to fail and you will begin to leave for tomorrow what you could do today. My advice is that you don't. Answer always and in the shortest time possible. You never know who will be the future owner of your home.

Mistake 7:

Leave the CEE and the Certificate of Habitability for last

The CEE or Energy Certificate is essential when putting your apartment up for sale. It must be visible in your ads. Do not wait to have a buyer to process it. Doing so will only expose you to a possible penalty. And it is not necessary considering the cost of it. The Certificate of Habitability is another of the important documents when putting a flat up for sale. Make sure you have it on hand and that it is not expired. In this way you will avoid last minute surprises.

Mistake 8:

Not preparing the home properly for sale

A visit lasts between 10 and 30 minutes on average. It depends on the interest it has generated in the client who visits it. In that time, potential buyers will try to imagine living there. Preparing your home to make it easier for them to get it will improve their experience and increase your chances of selling.

Mistake 9:

Be a little transparent

It is likely that they will ask you for some of the documents we have talked about previously. Feel free to show them. You will transmit confidence and your potential buyers will see that you are not hiding anything.

Mistake 10:

Not knowing the state of the building

One of the main differences, in addition to the price, between renting or buying an apartment, is that when we buy we assume our part of maintenance of the building in which the house is located. For this reason it is very important that we know what state it is in, if there are any pending spills or if recent updates have been made. If we are not very involved in the community, it is advisable to visit our property managers and get up to date.

Mistake 11:

Work with several real estate agencies at the same time

If you finally decide to hire the services of a real estate agency, I can assure you that it is one of those situations in which more does not mean better. Working with a single real estate agency may be the best option to get a better price and sell in less time.

Mistake 12:

Search for contracts online

During the sale process you will need a series of documents in which to record the rights and obligations of both the seller and the buyer. We are talking about the registration of visits, the reservation document and the contract of sale or deposit contract. Avoid writing them based on models that you can download for free on the internet. Make sure to have a professional review the documents and you will avoid unpleasant surprises in the future.

These are the 12 most common mistakes that are usually made when we put a flat for sale as a private individual.

Working with a real estate agency can help you avoid many of these mistakes.

Yes indeed. Choose well the agency with which you are going to work. Ask for references, seek opinions and listen to your instincts.

And if after reading all this, you do not want to take care of anything, call us to be your expert collaborator and help you sell with guarantees

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