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Advantage of sell your home with Palmer

Discover the 8 benefits of selling your house in MULTIEXCLUSIVA with Palmer Alma Mediterránea

Advantages of MULTIEXCLUSIVA Palmer Alma Mediterránea


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1. You will sell faster because we work exclusively for you.

A real estate exclusivity contract has a predetermined duration of 6 months.
It is proven that the sales period is reduced if you work with an adviser who represents you.
This is because the adviser's agility, resources, and investment in promotion are put into action at 100% to search for potential buyers. Each adviser works with a maximum of 8 properties, which allows for specialized and personalized treatment. This is the opposite of working with notes of commission.

2. You will get a better price for your property.

Work in MULTIEXCLUSIVA allows for a better strategy because it means a great responsibility for us.
We become the sole representative of the seller and defender of their interests.

3. Security and guarantee.

We protect the seller's interests to the maximum, knowing the property in detail, both its characteristics and its charges or legal situation, in order to guarantee and provide security throughout the process.

4. We look for and filter potential buyers.

When an interested client enters, we do not run to visit your home, on our first call we qualify the client, to know if your property is really what they are looking for and not waste anyone's time.

5. Maximum visibility.

We ensure that our properties have maximum visibility compared to the rest. We quickly and efficiently attract interested clients

6. We prepare the property for sale.

A description is created with all the details, the property is prepared for the sale presentation to take professional photos and video, and later a personalized sales plan is created. We take care of all the paperwork and the legal and technical advise necessary for the sale to be successful.

7. We negotiate on your behalf.

Our team of professionals negotiates on your behalf, always looking for the best conditions for you.
We advise you on the most appropriate strategies to achieve the sale at the best price, and we carry out the necessary steps to carry out the sale.

8. Distribution channels

We professionally use all our **digital channels and social networks** in order to find the perfect client for each property


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 Your best companions in the sale of your house


A good real estate adviser is the most qualified professional to convey to owners what is the most appropriate price for their home and how to make it stand out among the properties that compete with it.
This is because they are an expert on the market price of the area, the latest prices of the flats that have been sold, and can advise you accordingly, in order to reach a balance between buyer and seller.

Without a doubt, the most intelligent choice for the sale of your home.


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