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The CHARGES that a home can have are the economic obligations that weigh on the home and that are transmitted to the buyer when they buy the home.

Before making the purchase, you must check these charges to prevent the operation from being carried out.

How to know if a house has loads?

The way to check the existence of charges in a home is through the SIMPLE NOTE that is requested in the Land Registry where all the information about the home appears.

There are different types of loads that must be registered in the registry:

  1. Mortgage is the most common burden that a home can have when we buy it if the previous owner requested a mortgage loan for its acquisition. The mortgage must be paid off before the new buyer acquires the house, although there is also the option to subrogate to a new mortgage.

  2. Judicial seizures. It occurs when the seller has the seized assets as collateral for the payment of a debt. In this case, the seizure must be canceled so that the buyer is not affected or the buyer can take over the debt by discounting it from the price of the house.

  3. Leases. If the house is rented when it is sold, the buyer must keep the tenant until the end of the rental agreement.

  4. Usufruct and easement. These charges affect the use of the house not the property. When the home is affected by these charges, its use is limited until the charge is extinguished.

There are other charges that can affect the home but are not registered in the Property Registry, such as debts with the community of owners and municipal taxes.

Before signing the purchase of the house, you have to make sure that the seller does not have debts with the neighborhood community✍️, because if he has debts, they go to the new owner.

To know if you are up to date with your payment, you must request a certificate from the president or administrator of the community

As for municipal taxes, the main burden refers to the IBI (Real Estate Tax) that must be paid annually. Also in this case, if the seller has not paid the tax, the debt passes to the new owner. It is necessary to ask the City Council for proof of payment to verify that it is up to date.

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