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Once the deed of sale is signed, there are a series of SUBSEQUENT PROCEDURES or issues to take into account.

We explain what these procedures are after signing the mortgage, so that you do not forget any and take into account the taxes and avoid future surprises

  • Payment of taxes and registration in the Property Registry. If you are going to personally carry out these steps, check with the notary for the deadlines in order to avoid penalties or loss of rights. You can also choose to entrust its processing to the notary, who will proceed to send to the Land Registry an authorized electronic copy of the deed for registration. The documents that you have to deliver in the registry are an authorized copy of the public deed, the proof of income of the self-assessment of the tax, and the last receipt of the IBI. Later, they will give you an authorized copy of the deed on official paper with all the supporting documents and invoices

  • Supplies . Do not forget to put in your name the supplies that affect the new home

  • Documentation and invoices . Keep all the documents, supporting documents, guarantees and original invoices regarding your acquisition

  • If you have purchased a new-build home and it is the first sale that the developer makes, you must pay VAT, which the developer must deliver to the Tax Agency. This VAT is 10% of the purchase amount.


As you have seen, the procedures and steps to follow after buying a house are quite a lot, but you don't have to worry, at Palmer Alma Mediterránea we are real estate consultants and experts, always ready to help you with whatever you need .

Using professionals in the sector is important, since having good advice can save you money, they know the market well and all the procedures to be carried out. In addition to that we are trained to negotiate and get the best agreement.

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