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If you are looking for the house of your dreams in Mallorca and especially if you are a foreigner, you will surely be asked questions about what are the requirements to buy a house in Mallorca.

What documentation do I need to buy a house in Mallorca?

  1. Possess the National Identity Document (DNI), in the case of residents, or the Foreign Identification Number (NIE), in the case of foreigners


What is the NIE? The NIE is the foreigner identification number, a personal, unique and exclusive number whose function is to identify foreigners who for some interest are related to Spain. This will be used in all the documents that the state issues or processes.

How to get the NIE? To obtain the NIE you must request a prior appointment and appear at the immigration office located in the Levante industrial estate in Palma de Mallorca.

Remember to take with you your passport or identification card of your country and a copy of it. You must also present a standardized and perfectly completed application form. If you are not a resident of the European Union then you must also present a notarial certificate justifying the reason for requesting the NIE

Once all the necessary documentation has been delivered, all you have to do is pay. At the immigration office they will give you a payment form that you will have to pay at the bank. Once paid, you only have to prove the immigration payment and you will be assigned a NIE number (with the new immigration law we can get a temporary residence permit if we buy a home for more than € 500,000)

  1. Have a bank account in Spain. After obtaining the NIE, you must open a bank account in Mallorca. You need this to handle the property purchase.

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  • Once these procedures are done: *

  • We will establish a purchase-sale price for the property until an agreement is reached that satisfies both parties. At this point, Palmer Alma Mediterránea's expert team will help you negotiate the conditions for both parties.

  • We will request the Simple Note of the property. The Simple Note is a basic document in the procedures related to farms and real estate that helps us to know, in a summarized way, the current state of a property. The simple note is used to make home purchases, know pending charges on the property, verify participation fees, to name a few examples.

  • We will sign the Arras contract. It is a private agreement between buyer and seller prior to the purchase of the property where the parties agree to carry out the future sale of a property and the buyer delivers an amount of money on account of the total.

  • We will look for the best financing

  • Closing of purchase before a notary: A sale is finalized with the "Deed" before a notary. This includes the official exchange of contracts between the seller and the buyer. Both must be present as well as the banks that may be involved. At this time the last payment is made and the property passes into the hands of the buyer.

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After closing, there are only a few final procedures such as the transfer of profits or the payment of community expenses. If you are interested, we explain it here: [PROCEDURES AFTER THE PURCHASE OF A HOUSE] (

If you need an expert team to help you buy or sell your house in Mallorca, do not hesitate to have the best-valued Real Estate Agency on the island. We will be happy to accompany you on the exciting journey of buying or selling your home in Mallorca



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