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What to do with energy contracts during a move?

The move: energy contracts and other bureaucracies

Moving can be tedious at times. Nobody likes having to manage a move, packing, not forgetting anything in the house that is left behind, etc. Settling into your new home is a process that can be long, complicated and stressful.

One ​​of the first steps to start organizing is to think about moving energy contracts from one house to the next, so you don't keep paying for unused services on the one hand, and not arriving at a house without electricity on the other.


If added to the moving process, you find yourself in a particular personal situation, we give you some advice to make your life easier, take note:


If you just got divorced, for example, and you're going to move to another house, you'll have to get everything ready in terms of documentation and other issues related to the place that you abandon refers to. In the case of electricity supply, if the other spouse stays in the home, you have the option of requesting a change of owner due to divorce. The process of change of owner due to divorce is easy to process and if you are wondering how much it costs to change the owner, it is necessary to mention that it is a completely free process.


In case you want to change companies, the best idea is for the customer to cancel their electricity contract at the old address and make a change of holder of the electricity contract in the new home as indicated in this link, this change only requires the data of the previous and the new owner. This process can also be done for natural gas services and a change of owner of the water service can also be done.


However, in addition to carrying out the transfer of service contracts, another series of bureaucracies related to the removal must be carried out, such as:


. Moving Postal Mail

. Change address in contracts: work, bank…

. Notify the Treasury: for the income statement of the change (and the purchase if a new address was acquired).

. Notify family and friends of the change and new address

. Notify the school of the children, if any

. Change the direction of the pet chips if there are any


These are just some of the examples of the procedures that must be carried out, of course it is essential to understand that each move is different, each family has different needs and circumstances and it is important find out everything that needs to be done.




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