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Balearic Islands is an autonomous community of Spain located in the western Mediterranean. It is made up of an archipelago of islands including Mallorca, Menorca, Ibiza, and Formentera, among others. The Balearic Islands are a popular tourist destination known for its beaches, warm climate, and vibrant nightlife. But they are also an excellent option for those looking to invest in properties. In this article, we will analyze the morphology of balearic properties based on public data from the INE and land registry.


balearic properties single family home


Balearic properties are characterized by their architectural diversity, which reflects the influence of different cultures that have passed through the region. Traditional Balearic architecture is characterized by low buildings with stone walls and flat roofs, typical of the Mediterranean region. However, home construction has evolved over time, and today we can find a great variety of designs and styles.

Based on INE data, we can see that 79.9% of balearic properties are single-family type, which means that the majority of properties are independent houses or villas. In addition, 14.5% of homes are of the multi-family type, indicating that they are apartment buildings or blocks of flats. The remaining 5.6% correspond to other types of homes, such as lofts, studios, and penthouses.


balearic properties multi family home


Another interesting aspect that we can observe based on land registry data is the size of homes. In the Balearic Islands, 62.7% of homes have a built area of less than 100 square meters, indicating that the properties are relatively small. In addition, 27.3% of homes have a built area between 100 and 150 square meters, while the remaining 10% correspond to homes with a built area greater than 150 square meters.


balearic properties ristic house


Regarding the number of rooms, 58.6% of balearic properties have 3 or fewer rooms, while the remaining 41.4% have 4 or more rooms. This suggests that most properties are ideal for couples or small families.


Finally, it is interesting to observe the geographical distribution balearic properties. 46.2% of homes are located in Palma de Mallorca, the capital of the island of Mallorca, followed by Ibiza with 10.5% and Calviá with 6.2%. This suggests that these are the most popular areas to invest in properties in the Balearic Islands.


balearic properties semi-detached


In conclusion, the morphology of balearic properties is diverse and reflects the influence of different cultures that have passed through the region. Most properties are single-family homes and have a relatively small built area. In addition, the geographical distribution suggests that Palma de Mallorca is the most popular area to invest in properties in the Balearic Islands.