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Do you want happy employees? First INSPIRE, then MOTIVATE

Why is motivation so important?

Impact, motivation and effective team skills are important for employees to perform effectively. When these high-performance factors are not present in teams or departments, we look for solutions in employee motivation.


How do employers try to motivate their employees?

Employers in most sectors take measures to improve the economic conditions of their employees in order to keep them more motivated. They may promise future promotions, more holidays, flexible working hours, even motivational courses for their teams.

And it turns out, after all, you see a difference in the way they work, but in the end it turns out that this was only for a certain period of time. You see that everyone is relaxed and lazy again. It seems that human beings tend to become demotivated too easily and comfort is easier than effort. This leads to a general lack of performance and productivity in companies that is very difficult to solve.


What are the areas that need to be covered in order for an employee to feel motivated?

In the world of work, it is rare to see homogeneous motivation. Many manuals and courses state that an employee will be motivated if he/she has 5 areas covered (salary, work environment, possibility of promotion, relationship with bosses and recognition). Unfortunately, it is rare to cover all 5 areas and the result is just as unfortunate not to have done so.


What happens when a team is motivated?

The energy that radiates from all employees is different. They are proactive, innovative and happy to collaborate.  It's the kind of work environment where people strive to improve their own performance, or even challenge themselves with new roles. And that starts with the team leader.


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What is the importance of a team leader?

A good team leader has to be a LEADER, and has to push employees to achieve greatness, equip them with tools and improve their competencies, remembering that the most important thing is to inspire them to do their best.

And this first step is the key to success. When you succeed in inspiring your employees, the price you have to pay to motivate them is much lower. Because when a person works with a sense of meaning, with an important WHY, a sense of belonging is cultivated, which leads to a much stronger motivation in the teams.


Every company should work on MISSION, VISION and VALUES in order to establish that first step to inspire employees to see how important their contribution to the common good is. 



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