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Palmer Alma Mediterránea

Houses for sale on the first line of Molinar


live in molinar

Molinar and Portitxol are two areas of Palma that have increased their prestige in recent years. The number of bars and restaurants along the seafront has grown, the real estate boom has renovated the housing stock and new facilities have been built. The value of these areas has increased progressively, becoming a luxury to have a house near the sea.

The prices of homes on the beach have increased significantly in recent years. Older residences with marine history command higher prices. The most expensive apartments are located between the Portitxol yacht club and the rose of the winds, where two-story chalets are offered for between 1.5 and 4.9 million euros.

Why should I? Is this area so attractive?

Molinar is also an active area where many people play sports such as swimming, biking, running, walking, and skating. In addition, it is common to see surfers in this area due to the good waves in winter. On summer nights, families and friends gather on the beaches or dine together along the promenade.


live in molinar

It is a charming and authentic area. If you are looking for a quiet and authentic area to live with the Mediterranean at your fingertips, Molinar is the perfect place.


Although prices are rising rapidly, it is still possible to find good housing options to become a real gem, enjoying the blue sea close enough to give I had a bath in the late afternoon.


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