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Renting out your home a great option for owners

"The highest profitability of a property is achieved by renting it, because your assets are revalued and generate income for you".

The rental management requires a significant amount of time and administrative procedures, and many owners decide not to take the step, but don't leave your property uninhabited, don't worry about the day to day because we can do it for you.

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What other services do we offer?


  • Deposit of deposit at IBAVI.
  • Incident management.
  • Advice and contracting, where applicable, of home insurance with rental guarantee.
  • Opening of claims and follow-up until they are resolved.
  • Application of rent increases.
  • Arrangements with service supply companies.
  • Management of rent collection and unpaid rent.
  • Contract renewal and termination.
  • Repercussion of supply and waste charges. 
  • Contact and dealings with tenants.
  • And many more, so we will explain it to you in our meeting.


Have you decided to rent? Find out every step of the way.


The first step is to be able to see the state of the property; the spaces and lighting, its conservation and the neighbourhood are very important elements. Knowing the requirements of your future tenants is part of this process. And with all this, we will make the evaluation plus the valuation of the price of your flat so that you have a good profitability, which is sustainable and long-lasting. 


We will explain the lease contract and the consequences of each of its clauses and how they are applied within the law. We will close the services you want us to take care of; and if you agree, we will start the advertising report, the communication to our client database, the process of advertising to the market to attract potential tenants and start the interviews. 

The interview is another essential moment for "The filter of experience", based on our more than 20 years in the sector and the selection process, will help us choose the tenants that best suit your needs. Contact us and we will discuss the whole process and your needs.