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Palmer Inmobiliaria 02/01/2017

You have made up your mind; you want to buy a property in Mallorca, but for some reason you don’t have the courage to go forward with the decision. Those questions start screaming in your head; What if I don’t choose the correct location? What if I don’t like the winter weather? What if, what if…

  • Which is the ideal location for me?
  • Is it true that when the islands peak season comes to its end everything shuts down and there is nothing to do?
  • What is the weather like in the winter?
  • Or maybe you are just looking for a holiday home with amazing views where to relax and disconnect from the real world.

In this blog our aim is to help you solve some of these doubts:


Buy a property in El Molinar, Mallorca

As you probably already know, Mallorca has a lot of places that have that special charm, but today we are going to focus on one area in specific, El Molinar.

As we mentioned earlier on, our aim with this entry is for you to finish reading and knowing if this area in Palma is the ideal one for you. Because we understand that everyone looks for different things when searching for a property in Mallorca. And that’s why we want to try and help you out.

El Molinar is a privileged area on the outskirts of Palma in Mallorca, just a few kilometres from the city centre. This old fishing area where only fishermen and farmers used to live, is today one of the most popular places people look to buy a property in.

The location of El Molinar makes it the ideal area to live in. Just on the seafront, where the number of people practicing sport, such as: running, cycling, roller skating, swimming, and surfing, is ascending every year. All of this and more, just a few kilometres from the airport where you can get a flight to most of the international airports in Europe.


With your house in El Molinar, your list of things to do during the winter will be miles long

Don’t be led by all the gossip about Mallorca being boring during the Winter. Of course, if what you are looking for is to be sunbathing at 35º under the sun during the whole 7 days of the week, then NO, Mallorca is not the ideal place to spend your winters. Nobody is lying when they say that Mallorca is much quieter during the winter, but that does not mean there is nothing to do. The island has much more to offer than just sun and beach. If you are a bit active or/and adventurous, the number of things to do in Mallorca are infinite. An ideal island for those who love cycling, hiking, water sports, golf, etc.


Winter in Mallorca

Mallorca reaches its lowest temperatures with the arrival of the Winter season, normally between 6 and 16ºC. But these temperatures don’t normally come with rain, even though there are a few rainy days, normally, winter days turn into sunny and blue sky days.


Our properties for sale in El Molinar

Now that we have reached the end of the blog article, we want to summarise everything to see if the ideal location for your new property in Mallorca is El Molinar.

If your dream is to wake up to views to the seaside. But also, want to be close to Palma, the airport, enjoy the tranquillity of the island, have a million of things to do at any moment you want to explore the island, have places to go an eat, shopping malls, etc. Then EL MOLINAR is the perfect place for your future house.

Following, you can check out some of the properties Inmobiliaria Palmer has for sale, and if El Molinar has caught your eye, do not hesitate to get in touch with us so that we can give you the best advice.

An exclusive seafront three-storey property for sale in El Molinar, comprising five bedrooms and two bathrooms.

Or this beautiful house in El Molinar dated in 1924, that comprises three bedrooms, two bathrooms and two garages.

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