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Palmer Inmobiliaria 13/03/2015

As experts in the estate agency sector in Mallorca, we want to share with our clients some aspects to take into account when selling a property:

The location of your property has a definite impact on the sale value and influences possible buyers directly.

Promoters decorate their show homes with the most fashionable furniture and colours. But it doesn’t matter how old your property is, we can show you cheap ways to make it more attractive.

Sale price:
The sooner you sell, the better. Houses which have a sale price above the markets average sale price don’t usually sell and eventually end up being sold for less than what they should. We assess you about the real value of your property and the realistic sale possibilities you may have according to the sale price you have in mind.

Light your property correctly to make it shine, and if necessary change light bulbs for stronger ones. Our estate agency in Mallorca recommends emptying your property of personal items. The more impersonal the environment, the more we’ll achieve the possible client to identify the property as their future home.

Customer Service
Your estate agency in Mallorca must have people who you feel good working with.

The best customer service makes the sale process much more enjoyable. With PALMER you’ll have people looking out for your interests. We take care of everything, from filtering possible buyers to minimize nuisances when it comes to visiting your property up until the viability of the sale.

Our commercial agents will not only take care of the sale, but also suggest possible changes which could help speed along such, if necessary they will revise the price with you. If you wish to buy a house in Mallorca or rent an apartment in Palma de Mallorca, our company can help you with the best professional team.

Marketing in the sale of a house or apartment in Mallorca

Let’s not trick ourselves: once an adequate sale price has been set, what sells your house are good marketing actions. Palmer not only has fantastic facilities, but also has marketing campaigns on a global level to expand the visibility of your property. We reach more people because we dedicate time and effort to positioning our estate agency in all sectors. From fliers, adverts in press, social media and web pages, we reach to the maximum public possible and we assess you in your new purchase or sale.

· The first step in selling your house is to make a complete market analysis.
· We will carry out a deep analysis of your area
· Analisis of recent sales and properties on the market
· Detailed inspection of your property.

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