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Palmer Inmobiliaria 06/03/2015

Let us tell you why we’re the leading estate agency in Portixol:

Personalised Marketing System:

The key to selling any house is for it to have the best possible aspect and show it to the maximum number of people possible.

· A photographic report of your house, which highlights its strong points.
· Publish your house on different websites including the local MLS (multiple listing service), our company’s website and on the ABSI (Balearic Association of Estate Agents).
· Publish your property on social networks and all our online structure.
· If you consider it convenient, we’ll even print fliers of your property to give out.

The real value of your home

The price of a house is the other most important thing to take into account during the sale process. It’s obvious that the seller wants to make the most out of the sale of their property, so asking for too much is common. Here we have listed some of the consequences of not giving a property the correct price from the beginning:

An expensive property will help close competitors to sell theirs. Your house will serve as an example for neighbours to show that their property is a great opportunity in comparison to yours.

The property will burn out of the market; buyers will suppose that there is something wrong with your home if it’s on the market for a long time.

We’ll have a problem with the valuation. Even if the buyers wished to purchase your property, the bank knows the real value of it and wouldn’t give a mortgage for it.

If you have decided to fix an adequate price, congratulations!

It isn’t an easy task deciding the correct sale price, but we have experience in helping sellers with this task. We carry out an exhaustive analysis of your house and we compare it with recent visits in the area and with this information we sit down and decide a good starting point with you.

What is the value of your property based on?

1. – On the current market
2. – The close competition
3. – Banking finance
4. – The condition of the property
5. – The buyers profile
6. – The location of the property

What is the value of your property Not based on?

1. – What you need
2. – What you have spent on the property
3. – What the house you are going to buy costs
4. – What your neighbours tell you
5. – Your feelings towards the property

As estate agents we assess you about these and other questions referring to your property, showing you that we are the best estate agency in Portitxol and one of the references on the island. Conócenos!

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