Home Staging-intervention Vivero

Palmer Inmobiliaria 13/04/2015

Different to the Project before, this one involved an integral reform. From the original property we only conserved the perimeter and all the rest was redesigned to change the orientation of the house and gain light and privacy. The property was originally orientated towards Ametlers Street and the patio only had a storage function. We wanted to invert the limelight and organize all of the distribution around the patio, which would go on to be a gardened area with swimming pool and therefore the soul of the house.

Also with this move the ground floor gained in natural light and intimacy.

The process was the following:

1. Knock down and empty the property.

2. Re-do the electrical, water and air-conditioning installations.

3. Change the old doors and Windows for new white aluminium double glazed ones, to insulate the noise and cold, and fit aluminium Mallorca shutters for added security.

4. Build bathrooms, kitchen and garden area.

5. Furnish to give the idea of the possible functionality of each of the spaces, giving a special incline to the living room and kitchen, which being seen was projected with a marked decorative intention.

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