Home Staging intervention – Malferit

Palmer Inmobiliaria 13/04/2015

This property in the Molinar is an example of a medium level home-staging intervention in which not only have we emptied and neutralised the property, but we have also modified some of the “structural” elements.

The process consisted of:

1. Emptying the home, impersonalising the spaces. We removed all of the furniture and personal objects.

2. Purging humidity’s and cracks and painting all the walls in a neutral tone, including the kitchen tiling to accentuate luminosity and the sensation of space.

3. Varnishing all of the interior joinery in a neutral tone.

4. Removing the arch from the passage way between the entrance and the living room.

5. Changing and enhancing the lighting throughout the house to create warmth.

6. Removing tiling, furniture, sink and light appliques in both bathrooms.

7. Dismantling the aluminium shed on the superior terrace to free up space and allow unspoiled views of the sea.

8. Changing the worktop, oven and vitro-ceramic hob for new pieces.

9. Furnishing to give an idea of the possible functionality of all the property’s spaces

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