Palmer Inmobiliaria 05/05/2020

At Palmer Inmobiliaria we care about you and your loved ones’ health. Therefore, and to make sure that the visits to our properties comply with all hygienic conditions, we’ve elaborated this protocol for property visits – Covid 19 which we have already adapted to our routines.

These new measures safeguard the health and wellbeing of our clients, employees, and collaborators.


  1. During the phone call to schedule a visit with our clientour consultants will indicate that they do not present any kind of symptoms of the disease and that they carry out their activities observing a protocol of maximum security measures. They will also ask the clients to confirm that neither the person who will be accompanying us nor any other person living in the property present symptoms of the disease or are quarantined due to proximity to other infected persons.
  2. During this call we will inform that we will only carry out visits if we can guarantee the optimal safety distance of 2 metres and a minimum of 1 metre.There shall not be any physical contact. We will not touch any objects or parts of the property. The doors and windows shall always be opened by the owner or, if that’s not possible, the consultant shall do it using gloves and keeping the due distance.
  3. We guarantee that the visits will be carried out using gloves, facemasks, and shoe covers.We recommend in any case the clients bring their own “kit” but nonetheless, our consultants Will provide the material if necessary.
  4. During the visit, no other people (of the family or professional unit) may be in the same room with the consultant.
  5. We will not physically greet the contact person, neither at our arrival nor at the departure, and we will keep the optimal distance of 2 metres or at least the minimum distance of 1 metre at all times.
  6. We will separate de access ways. If the property is in a multi-family dwelling with several floors, we shall use the lift independently from any other neighbours or accompanying persons (if we are meeting at the doorway). If we access via the stairs, we shall keep the indicated minimum distance.
  7. Certification of visit. The certification shall be signed at the end of the visit. In order to guarantee our clients’ safety, we recommend they bring their own pen.

Any documents needed for the visit shall be provided as a scanned copy by telematic means. We do not accept documents submitted by hand.

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