The decoration trends of this new year 2018. Perfect for your new home!

Palmer Inmobiliaria 11/01/2018

This year 2018, a new world of housing was made to inspire and to create a new way of life. With new colours, textures and materials.

A new year has started, with more strength and experts specialized in decoration. These experts are there to analyse and to create a new trend-setting. The monochromatic rooms will still be popular, even though this time, they will be combined with colourful lampshades and also with the well-known curved sofa.


The warm colours and terracotta are very remarkable in our houses. As they replace the minimalistic palette from the last seasons. Also very important, is to concentrate on the sienna colour and on bronze, terracotta, green mould and reddish. As they will always make your Room more cosy.


The kitchen gets a total new combination of colours, in particular there will be used dark colours.

Living room

The forms will be geometric and organic. Also a strong move towards the comfort of sofas will be observed, with many forms, curves and with very soft fillings.


This year, the bathroom will be the place of refuge, to release the day’s tensions.

Wood in your bathroom: it adds warmth, causes no humidity and the effect couldn’t be nicer and the colours are perfect to combine.

If you have a big bathroom, then it will be a luxury, having a spa area, to relax after a long day. It couldn’t be better!

The bathtub with retro style tub feet, which we see more and more every day will be the centre of attention.

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